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During that dream there is no fear pml suffering, but the fear of leaving the life. Malanga discovered that doing scientific research about UFOs was very disturbing, not only for science, but also for politics, religion, society.

Traian Basescu-Muie V-am Spus-By Tektoni

As I said before, the vision represents almost the last passage the last one is a phoneme and is enough far from the significance of the departure. The water is an element that produces the life, but also historically is an instrument of a divine redemption baptism, the universal deluge.

Actually in the test that I propose to the possible abductee, I ask the following in order to identify with assurance the reality of experience: Right from that last hope the new age unconsciously has took a hint to interpret the dream of wave as a premonition, but not as a destructive or solid wave really arriving; hidden behind the wave actually will come the cultural revolution attended by years, simply cause the humans with that dream always evoke and demonstrate inside of them the desire and attendance for this revolution.

In that case the archetype Water is substituted by the archetype of Earth that falls on the head as a dense series of problems of humanity, they fall literally on the head and smash literally. I will write more about that meeting and Malanga researches in the next posts!

Rapimenti Alieni ( Corrado Malanga ) – PARTE 2

In that infinite and breathless run, the human being sees the symbols of pnk archetypically coloured as pink and blue the 2 colours indicate 2 genders. The meteorites and fire together give life and death, while the air give only a life, cause there is no resurgence for the thing that always has existed and never will die. Who is running after the fugitive? Actually our unconscious while reviving the sensation is able to interpret it archetypically and pass its significance to the subconscious, which being in the vigil state is able to re-interpret it correctly and make the true significance of the dream usable to the dreamer.


As a consequence, it is easy to find the other correlations between the parts constituting the human – the elementary symbolism and the archetypes that have created them.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The dream translates a big fear and a sensation of a profound stress. The idea of double identity appearing in this dream is related to the symbolism of life tree, but in a contest, which is very different from the catastrophic dreams. The water alchemically is related to the fountain of an eternal life: The unconscious is a motor, which never switches off during the life; it never sleeps and registers across the inputs of the conscious and the filtration of the subconscious the various aspects of the world outside that we improperly call as reality.

Actually the scanning key exists, but is not the one that we usually use. It is impossible to reborn without dying before.

The dream of wave is a part of the particular category of dreams called as catastrophic which includes some versions present in the oniric world of the malajga, but directly they have nothing to do with their abduction experiences. As a consequence, the analyses must not stop on the image of the soccer ball, but must reach the sensations lived during the oniric vision of the ball itself.

Karaoke CORRADO MALANGA – PNL, CEEA CE NU V-AU SPUS 1/2 – Sing Online For Free

The fire is the archetype of the eternal death lived in our culture across the symbolism of infernal and perennial fire. When there is a fear of death for the body, the body will create the death, but if the spirit is afraid of death, the archetype of the spirit will create the fatal action. Most of the people having such dreams as sinking, flying or being pursued and the feeling of impossibility to run, cause nailed to the ground, usually have the common base characteristic and they interpret them correctly only partially.

God cleans up the world from the bad people by the universal deluge and it is told as a legend, today understood as a real history including all the attributes of a simple and pure symbolism.

The Catholic Church and the Roman Inquisition didn’t like this theory, concluding that heliocentrism was: In that dream there is the same people which was in the dream of wave: A chain of images representing complicated scenes and often without any clear scanning key composes the final result. Thank you so much!

The air is related to the real life: When we met, the Chemistry Faculty was in an old s-building and his office malanag in a semi-underground basement in Risorgimento road, Pisa, near the Leaning Tower. Here there is no attendance for death, cause there will be a new life and new renaissance: In few words, the unconscious speaks the unique language that knows, the one of the archetypes.


When we try to remember in the vigil state some event registered previously, the unconscious sends its signals to the subconscious and that one interprets them in order to make them comprehensible for the conscious. malsnga

Full text of “Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography”

The idea of asking the subject if he has dreamed this or that experience is a try just to make him revive the memory and not to make him if such memory is regarding to some real or dream experience. While sleeping the subconscious of the subject sleeps also and it has no possibility to interpret the unconscious messages; the messages pass directly to the conscious without translation or with some summary translation probably made haste by the little part of the subconscious remained barely awake.

The truth must be accepted as it is; not everybody is able to do this difficult step. The other important archetype is a Fire, which historically is related to the purification from the sin, and it is evident that who dreams it and has a very religious way of fanaticism, is the one that loves to feel the necessity of mystic purification with the fire.

As I will try to explain, I have noticed that the abductees have only apparently recurrent dreams and not really of such kind as somebody could believe by error.

The soul is represented by itself and it is immortal, so there is no soul that can create its death. The archetype can not be designed and can not be visualised in any way: The significance of those 3 archetypes interpreted across the dreams aforesaid makes us curious regarding the existence of the fourth element for the catastrophic dreams – the air.

The sensation, exactly the sum of the emotions produced by the soccer ball while dreaming, exists cause of the archetypes that have generated it, cause the sensation is produced even before the symbolism. So the mind in order to save itself washes itself in English brain washing – not a casual expression, by my opinion.

Furthermore, the archetypical significance of the death represents the renaissance.